Fishing and Hunting

Fishing Licenses

A fishing license is required for all individuals 15 years of age and over, unless fishing for common carp, crawfish, bullfrogs, smelt or unclassified marine invertebrates. 

Department of Fish and Wildlife website, click here

Children under the age of 15 must have and complete a catch record if they are fishing for halibut, steelhead, salmon, sturgeon, or Dungeness crab. Children under 15 must have their catch record card endorsed to harvest Puget Sound Dungeness crab.  

Hunting Licenses

Any individual participating in hunting activities in the State of Washington is required to have a hunting license, regardless of age.

WDFW Parking and Access Sites

Any individual parking a vehicle, or launching a boat at any WDFW access site must obtain and display a Vehicle Use Permit. The license plate number of the vehicle parking at the access site must be written on the Vehicle Use Permit and must be visibly displayed.

From this site, you can purchase hunting and fishing licenses, combination licenses and duplicate licenses.

Fishing Hotline - 360-902-2500    Shellfish Rule Change Hotline - 1-866-880-5431  Washington State offers different kinds of special hunts.

Special Hunt Permits

The purpose of the special hunt permit drawings is to distribute special hunting opportunities beyond that which are available through the general hunting seasons. For the latest information regarding special hunt permits, please visit WDFW's Special Hunt Permit website.

Raffle Permit Hunts

The purpose of the raffles is to generate revenue for the management of game species. Proceeds from the sale of single-species raffle permits will be used solely for the management and benefit of the species for which the raffle ticket was purchased. Proceeds from the sale of multiple-species raffle permits will be used for general game management. Raffle tickets are available for: deer, elk, bighorn sheep, moose, mountain goat, and turkey. Multiple tickets for each hunt can be purchased. The raffle drawing is done by computer.

Buckrun LHP Deer Raffle

The Buckrun LHP is conducting a public drawing for deer hunting opportunity. Ten winners will be drawn, each receiving an “any deer” permit valid for hunting on Buckrun LHP property in northern Grant County. Raffle tickets are $25 each and there is no limit to the number you can purchase. Contact Buckrun LHP at 509-345-2577 to apply and for additional information about the hunting opportunity. For more details, please see the 2010 Big Game Hunting Seasons and Regulations pamphlet.

Hunt and Fish Free for Life!

WDFW now offers you a fantastic opportunity to hunt and fish free for life. In an effort to increase public awareness of the diverse and unique natural resources available in Washington State we are now offering Lifetime Hunting & Fishing Privileges. So how does this work? It's simple!

  • Purchase an Lifetime License Drawing Application through the WILD system.
    Drawing Applications for Lifetime Hunting & Fishing Privileges are good for 365 days! Applications are available over the Internet or at a license dealer near you.  
  • Drawings are held four times a year.
    Each application will be included in a minimum of four drawings for the life span of the application or until selected, whichever comes first. That means four chances for you to win. A minimum of two winners are selected for each drawing. You will be notified you if you win.