How to Renew Your Tabs Online

Skip the line - Renew on-line

On-line vehicle or vessels renewals must be done through the Department of Licensing website To Renew Your Tabs Online, Click Here
-Choose Whitfield's Licensing for your vehicle or vessel tabs for Express Pick-up or Next Day Mail 
-Follow these steps to Choose Whitfield's Licensing handle your tab renewal 


1. Enter License plate number and last 4 numbers of the VIN or your last name and confirm your vehicle


2. Verify your address or update it to a new location

3. Select if you want a Discover Pass:

4. Select “I'd like them mailed or picked up by the office I select”.  If you do not see Whitfield's Licensing,

Click “Change start location” then enter in the address section (zip code) 98272 and click “Find office’s” or select Whitfield's Licensing from the list:


5. Ensure you chose Whitfield’s Auto Licensing from the list

6. Complete the transaction with a MasterCard, Visa or American Express debit or credit card

To Renew Your Tabs Online, Click Here



How will you get your new tabs?

  • By mail – they will be mailed out the next day, excluding weekends & holidays. We can mail tabs to any city in Washington State
  • Pick them up – they will be ready when you get to our office. Go right up to our express internet pickup window, you don’t have to wait in line!

You can renew online if:

  • The tabs expire less than 12 months ago, and
  • The vehicle doesn’t require a DOT number, or has had one for over 1 year