Specialty / Themed Plates

Washington’s Department of licensing provides a variety of license plates styles for vehicles registered in the state. In addition to “Personalized Plates”, Washington’s motorists can choose from an assortment of “Special Background and Theme Plates” that promote a range of interests including the state’s universities, members of the military, landmarks, wildlife, and more. You may also transfer the plates to a new vehicle when you sell the old one, as long as the vehicles are of the same class.

Personalized / Vanity Plates

Personalized license plates, also referred to as Vanity plates, and may be used on most vehicle types licensed in Washington State. Standard sized plates are available for cars, trucks and trailers, small sized plates are available for motorcycles and small trailers. Personalized Plates have an additional fee and each year there will be an annual renewal fee for your vehicle.

How to apply for personalized plates

  • Check to make sure that the personalized plate you want is available and that your choice meets personalized plate requirements
  • Complete a personalized license plate application from the web site or come to our office and pick up a form.
  • Submit your application and fees by mail to: Department of Licensing P O Box 99909 Olympia, WA 98507-850

Background designs

  • Standard personalized plates use the mountain background
  • You may request personalized plates with a Special Background or Theme

Special Background and Theme Plates

Washington State offers specialized license plates whose design reflects the interests of nonprofit organizations. A portion of the money you pay for these plates goes to these groups, so you can enjoy an attractive plate and support a cause you care about at the same time. Special Background and Theme Plates have an additional fee and each year there will be an annual renewal fee for your vehicle. To apply, request the type plate you want at any time or at the time of your license renewal and we will complete the necessary paperwork to obtain the plate you want.

To review plates that are available click here http://www.dol.wa.gov/vehicleregistration/specialdesign.html